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    Maria del Carmen Rodríguez De Castro

    37 Avenida de Tirajana, San Bartolomé de Tirajana 35100, Canarias, Las Palmas
    +34 928 77 87 56
    Maria del Carmen Rodríguez De Castro http://canariaslocal.com/media/com_jbusinessdirectory/pictures/companies/43/cropped-1536835424.png +34 928 77 87 56 5 05 1
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    Maria del Carmen Rodríguez De Castro


    Lawyers Rodríguez De Castro. Multi lingual lawyer/solicitor service in Playa del Inglés. English, German, French and Spanish speaking professional abogado service.

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    • extraorninaire


      I'm trying to find away to thank Maître Carmen Rodriguez for all the good work she has done for me and the Davies family.
      I certainly don't understand how Michelle Davies dare say a lie about Carmen and soil her honour as a person whom Michelle Davies has never had direct business with.The matter dates back to 2011, I was acting as executeor appointed by my brother of his will. So the contact was direct between the lawyer and my self.Carmen dealt with the legal documents and the tax adviser acted in relation to the taxes. She herself had nothing to do with the taxes.
      Carmen never asked for payment until all the business was finished and agreed upon. my evaluation of this lawyer was and is excellent.
      It was my brother who recommended me to her, she had been his lawyer many years before his death. he often told me how she was the only one he could trust. 
      She is honest , hard working, conscientious in everthing she does, and agreat human understaning.
      I ask and hope Google will delete the disgusting letter which says a big lie from Michelle Davies, whom is not 
      digne to have been protected by Carmen.
      Without Carmen, Michelle would not have received one I.O.T.A.
      Please inform of the out come of this affront
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    37 Avenida de Tirajana, San Bartolomé de Tirajana 35100, Canarias, Las Palmas
    +34 928 77 87 56
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