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    Choosing the right child care for you and your child is a huge decision. Our aim at ABC is to simply provide you and your child with the highest quality of childcare.

    You can trust that your child will benefit from a structured learning environment, and are given the opportunity to socialize from a young age with their peers.

    But most importantly, you as parents can relax, knowing that your child will get the, love, care and attention you want for them whilst they are left in our care.

    At ABC Playschool we prepare your child for Primary with the curriculum in English and Spanish, but at the same time we assure you and your child an opportunity to be a child and enjoy this first time of childhood to the fullest!

    Our Standards

    We offer child education from 4 months old to the age of 6. Our Nursery and Pre-School is designed to assure high quality in all areas for your child.

    • Native speaking teachers are here for all languages including German, English and Spanish, so your child obtains the correct accent and learns to understand the speech patterns of each language.
    • We use alternative teaching methods all around the school, for example the highly respected Montessori hands on approach to learning is used daily. Children are natural learners and only need motivation and encouragement to develop themselves. At ABC Playschool we teach through hands on activities and play.
    • Ethics, values and norms are part of the daily program.
    • We don’t like to talk about pushing a child, instead we prefer to challenge a child. Each child is able to learn but at ABC they learn with interest and are motivated, not pushed by their teachers, we have found this to be the best way for children to retain information.  At ABC we believe song, theater and play all develop the childs natural learning abilities.

    All our Educators are highly trained and experienced, often with several different degrees in the early years of child care education.

    Food: ABC Playschool we have our own kitchen and we prepare all our food on a healthy base for your child. We offer until 8.30am a light sandwich breakfast, during the morning the children have a biscuit snack with water. lunch is rich in vegetables, potatoes and (white) fish, chicken, lentils, chickpeas or meat. All food is prepared and cooked with bottled water to guarantee a healthy meal. For dessert we have yogurt from Kalise and the afternoon lunch provides fruit and cereal sandwiches. Throughout the day we have small breaks in which we offer water to drink for the children to create and guarantee healthy habits.

    Age Groups

    All children are different and each child needs their own rhythm of time or attention to help them grow. At ABC we do follow a personal guiding and timetable for each one of the children.  We strongly believe that self-esteem is very important in this early stage, and each moment is chosen individually to develop this. A child who believes in himself will feel good about himself and will reach the goals easily and with confidence. Through the year the children can move upwards, it all depends on their needs.

    Luna: The smallest of the school are in the “Luna” (Moon)-room; a cosy and warm place with 8 cots and a big 7 square meter play box. Playing in the box, enjoying music instruments, discovering their bodies or new movements and nice art sessions are, even for the smallest, a daily routine.  

    Nube: Is the second group and here we start to walk more and learn the finesse of body coordination. A soft but firm floor is used in this class to develop a proper body position for the backbones and hips, also it eases the tumbles for the moments when gravity is stronger than your child. In this group we also start with English in the morning and we continue with the Spanish language during the day. Crafts, movement and coordination exercises, songs and games are a major part of the day and we try to listen to our teacher.

    Sol: The third group knows perfectly how to walk and to run around. We continue with movement exercises but also we start to use chairs and tables even if it´s only for 5 minutes. Apart from English and Spanish we introduce German language in this group.

    Tierra: In this group we start to prepare the basic curriculum the children start from the age of 3 English and Spanish. Crafts, Montessori and also the first letter (vowels) and alphabet sounds. We start counting our numbers, but we learn through play so it´s all about having fun. The German language doesn’t have a curriculum until the age of six  so we enjoy in German different skills like; yoga and relaxing exercises or Tibetan bowls and of course we sing and dance.

    Volcan: Up from the age of 3 we start to work the curriculum daily in English and Spanish, at ABC Playschool we continuously look for funny and imaginative ways of teaching. Each day all children are able to enjoy crafts, Montessori inspired activities and the in citation of letters, small words and numbers up to 30. The Montessori activities offer life skills for the children such as sharing, closing and opening buttons, zippers etc. All of these are necessary for the child’s development and his abilities for the near future.  

    Ocean: The big group at ABC. Here we learn to read short sentences, building up our numbers to 100 and we start to add and take away the numbers, often helped by the Montessori system with activities designed for each skill level. During each class we change all activities, so your child will “work” the writing, reading and maths on a daily base but also crafts, games and other activities are in the daily program.  We try to start the mornings with a yoga or relaxation session in German, followed by another activity in German. The English and Spanish curriculum are preparing your child to go to primary, but at the same time we assure your child has the opportunity to be an infant and to enjoy this period to the maximum!


    Inscription Fee:

    Includes school materials, agenda and insurance : 200€ a year (None refundable)

    Monthly Fee:

    Monday – Friday incl. breakfast, snack, lunch and afternoon tea. : 350€ a month

    2nd child : 300€ a month

    1 day: : 30€ a day

    1 week : 125€ a week

    1 month 400€ a month

    In the case of you leaving the school within that year the Inscription fee for that year is none refundable.

    We have limited places available, to be sure we have a place for your child, it is necessary to make a reservation. The reservation will be accepted once you have transferred by bank or fulfilled in our office the inscription fee and the fee of the first month. Please write your child’s full name and date of birth on the form provided, and inform us about your contact details and the day you wish your child to start.


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    14 Avenida Touroperador Tui, San Bartolomé de Tirajana 35100, Canarias, Las Palmas, Spain

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