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    Perfect Makeup

    Permanent Make Up is applied in the uppermost skin layer called epidermis. The pigmentist usually works with an automatic device that works like a tattoo machine, but this device is not that aggressive. Microblading the eyebrows can also be done by hand. The small color particles are about 0.8 to 1.4 milimeters under the skin, which is far from being as deep as a real tattoo. Therefore, permanent make-up also "only" has an average lifespan of two to five years.

    Perfect make-up right after getting up, from morning to night. Permanent Make Up promises to make this dream of many women (and their men) come true.

    It’s great to stop worrying about the make-up. No more worries whether the lipstick is blurred or the eyeliner and eyebrow make-up resist heat, weather and stress. No freshening your make-up, no lipsticks on glasses, no skin-drying makeup removal products.

    So you may wonder why so many women do not have the courage to do it. The disconcerting results from the early days of permanent make-up in the 90's could be blamed for this. The fact that more and more beauty salons simply offer permanent make-up without proper training in addition to pedicure and co also does not exactly contribute to trusting this technique. If you decide to get a permanent make-up, you should only go to the best beauty salons!

    "Trusting in the skills and consultation of the pigmentist, the hygiene of the studio and the quality of the colors and devices are the 3 determining factors when choosing the studio," says Julia from Studio Beauty Image.

    In October, Julia will open her new Permanent Make Up Studio in the shopping center Cita which meets the highest Swiss standards in hygiene, modernity and consulting. Together with her business partner Jelena, who has already won numerous international awards for her art of facial beautification, she wants to embellish eyebrows, eyes and lips.

    "Naturalness is in fashion. It should be almost invisible, but beautiful and impressive," says Julia. "The pigmentist not only has to know about the latest techniques, but also have a good sense for facial proportions and aesthetics. Consulting and drafting is particularly important, because that’s the only way the customer gets a result that makes them look happy in the mirror."

    The appearance of these two ladies and the elegant and high quality furnishings of their studio reveal the fact that they have a sense of beauty and aesthetics. Here you can feel comfortable and confident in the safe hands of the two.



    What would you like?



    The eyebrows are the frame of your face. As time passes, the contours fade. When the eyebrows are missing or fading, the face loses its frame. With the right sweep, we look alertly and fresh-faced. In particular, the Microblading (fine hair drawing) provides a natural look and can hardly be distinguished from real tiny hair.



    A perfectly drawn lip line gives the mouth a nicer symmetry. Small lips are visually enlarged and get an attractive contour. Unevenness can be smoothed.



    A defined line on the upper lash line lets your eyes shine and intensifies your look. Eyes can be visually enlarged.


    A beautiful breast stands for femininity. The chest plays an essential role in this. Shape and color corrections can achieve amazing results.


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