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    Aloe Vera

    The aloe vera medical plant, as it is planted here in the Canary archipelago, is one of the purest, most powerful and best in the world. Everywhere in Gran Canaria in many shops, weekly markets and supermarkets you will find a large variety of aloe vera products. All at various quality and price levels. 


    Every child here knows what it looks like. The spiky leaves are lance-shaped and become up to 50 centimetres long and about 6 centimetres wide. The colours of the leaves tend sometimes from the grey-green to slightly reddish. The aloe blooms once a year and sprouts a 60 cm long blossom with yellow flowers. The big leaves on the edge of the plant are always harvested and processed. To gain about one kilogram of aloe vera jelly, about 3 to 4 kilos of leaves must be harvested.


    One of the shops with the best reputation here in Gran Canaria is the Aloe-Info-Center, which has been dealing for about 15 years with the high-quality Canarian BIO Aloe and it is situated in the Great Market Hall in San Fernando. Meanwhile they´re producing their own high quality products. Every Wednesday and Saturday Christl Kummer and Willi Peer take care of potential buyers and regular customers. Both of them are professionals and have always known that only high-quality goods will satisfy customers in the long term. "Aloe vera" has a big name and therefore it’s often being attempted worldwide to bring cheap Asian or South American aloe powder or imitations of other aloes to the customer at highest prices. Not in the Aloe-Info-Center whose products are produced on Tenerife. Under constant control, the plants grow there under biological conditions in the mountainous area around Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


    On this plantation around 3,700 Aloe Vera plants thrive in organic farming - neither chemical pesticides nor fertilisers are used. The certificate of the 100% organic economy is regularly monitored by health and regulatory authorities. The confirmation for this is the certificate "CRAE certificate 1928F". The decision will be supported by laboratory analyses carried out in Tenerife and in Germany, and to prove the highest `Aloverase‘ content (the main active ingredient of aloe vera) in the plants of this aloe vera plantation worldwide.


    For the further processing to the high-quality aloe Vera products on Tenerife confident partners who produce natural products according to the standards of Kummer and Peer were found. A big advantage, the ability to deliver the high-quality goods permanently, are the short distances. Instead of once around the globe, a delivery from Tenerife to the market hall of San Fernando in Gran Canaria  is enough. In the Aloe Info Center you can catch up on the large product range of Aloe Vera products to discover the products or you can view and order them through the company´s website and get them delivered anywhere in Europe. You can find all the information and these offers from the Aloe Info Center on the web at http://aloe-canarias.de


    The Canarios use the traditional aloe vera usually fresh and in their natural form. The leaves are first peeled just like bananas and then the inner sheathing is being dissolved and the actual valuable aloe vera jelly is being separated. A companioned family in Artenara stores the aloe cubes in the refrigerator and uses them mostly for preparation of refreshing drinks. Blend a few aloe cubes with cold water using the hand blender, perhaps a little bit of sugar and lime or strawberry /chocolate syrup for children, and you have immediately conjured a mineral-rich Gran Canarian speciality with a high mineral content and also thirst-quenching due to the slightly bitter taste of the aloe. On the market you may also find pure foods such as jams and olive oils with aloe vera.