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    Restaurant Mixtura

    Mixtura – now in Playa del Inglés. One of the best cuisines in the world.

    The Peruvian cuisine
    is currently taking over Spain. Which Is not surprising, as experts select it regularly as one of the five best cuisines in the world. Amongst worldwide culinary travel destinations, Peru has taken first place continuously from 2012 to 2018. The prestigious prize is awarded by the platform www.worldtravelawards.com and is comparable to the Oscars for movies. In the meantime, this delicious cuisine has now also arrived in the South of the island.

    The restaurant Mixtura is located in Playa del Inglés on 17, Avenida en Tirajana, between the two Barbados complexes. Here, it has been open only since last fall, but previously it had been indulging its guests with culinary delights for two and a half years in San Fernando. In the course of these three years in total, it established its excellent reputation, which is reflected by the top rating on TripAdvisor.

    In 2018, the restaurant also received the coveted “Certificate of Excellence” from the platform. Accordingly, we were very curious about visiting the restaurant ourselves. Naturally, the Peruvian cuisine’s excellent quality also sets the bar very high for the restaurant and its team.



    Oasis for taste hunters

    Due to the various offers, we went twice to test the restaurant. Mixtura’s menu is large, and nobody can get bored by the offers here. In addition to its high quality, the Peruvian cuisine is also extremely diverse: European, Japanese, Chinese, African, and, of course, Inca influences come together. Additionally, the restaurant also offers Spanish-European cuisine, and Icelandic specialities are served on request. That’s why the name Mixtura – the mixture - is a good choice. But no need to worry, every cuisine is prepared separately.

    On the menu are various meat and fish skewers, which are prepared over glowing charcoal. The Japanese influence can be found in the raw fish, but maybe you are interested in the loin with red onions, tomatoes and spaghetti. There are various wok dishes, and very popular amongst the guests is the Ceviche – some kind of salad made of raw fish, marinated in lime juice and chilli pepper, which is called "tiger milk" on the menu. The "Bacalao de Pil" is a Spanish/Basque speciality. It's dried cod, prepared in such a way that the natural gelatine of the fish skin automatically absorbes and thickens the fish stock.

    This is Spanish cuisine at its finest and we convinced ourselves of it. Also the loin from the wok, the chicken skewers from the charcol grill, the fillet steak, the Ceviche and the dumplings as appetisers were all perfectly prepared and served, our conclusion regarding the cuisine: People who think they have already tried everything that is offered in terms of international cuisine here in the south, most definitely can find something new at Mixtura that will tickle their taste buds. 


    It’s all about the mixture.

    The mixture is also reflected by the owners themselves: Evelyn and Oli. She is Peruvian with French, Spanish and German roots and is a learned cook. He is an Icelander who has lived in Peru for several years and is also a learned cook. The restaurant’s atmosphere is particularly charming. Its design is very modern and elegant, everything shines in a bright, yet gentle light; the tables are big and set beautifully: white tablecloths, polished wine glasses, and the blue drinking cups add an extra visual touch.

    Bigger groups can be seated at two round tables, one of them standing stylishly in front of a big poster on the wall, showing a world-famous historical site of Peru, Machu Picchu –sprawling ruins of a 15-century Inca cita. Machu Picchu can also be found on the lists of the World Travel Awards, having won first place in 2017 and 2018 as best tourist attraction worldwide.

    The Pacific shapes the menu.

    Peru’s coastline along the Pacific Ocean is about 2.250 km long. It is therefore not surprising that fish is at the very top on traditional menus, closely followed by South American beef and, of course, agricultural products such as corn and onion varieties. Corn has been cultivated and grown in North and South America for about 10,000 years and is therefore, in different variations, a central component in American cooking as a whole.

    When we looked into the kitchen, we were able to convince ourselves: Mixtura’s kitchen team couldn’t be more on point to prepare the various tastes for their guests: a Peruvian cook, a cook from Spain who is also familiar with the Basque cuisine, and when it gets really busy, Evelyn can also be found at the stove. 70 percent of the dishes being offered are dedicated to the Peruvian cuisine, Evelyn tells us.


    Restaurante MIXTURA, 17, Avda. de Tirajana, 35100 San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Playa del Inglés, Las Palmas, teléfono: 928 50 91 46.

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