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    Sapore di Mare

    In a touristic hotspot like Maspalomas, looking for something “original” isn’t easy. That’s not surprising, given that nations from all over the world settle and live here, and want to indulge guests with dishes from their home countries.

    Some restaurant owners therefore opt for an international mix, consisting of Wiener schnitzel, burgers, a few different pizzas, seafood, fish, steaks, and whatever else. Naturally, most of it is prepared from frozen food due to the wide variety on the menu.

    But it doesn’t have to be this way: A distinct cuisine can also be fresh, tasty, and most of all original and genuine. Salvatore Nicotra is proving that in his restaurant-pizzeria “Sapore di Mare”, located in the shopping centre in San Agustín, where Italian cuisine from Sicily like you can only dream of is being served. Salvatore has been running the restaurant with his son Fiorello as junior boss only for a year now in the shopping centre in San Agustín.

    After extensive renovations and redesigning the previously often windy terrace into a conservatory with a wonderful view of the palm trees and the sea, the “Sapore di Mare” now shines with a new splendour.

    Salvatore Nicotra relocated from Heidelberg in Germany to Gran Canaria, with bag and baggage – including his son Fiorello and the son’s girlfriend, the “lady boss”. And what is probably also unique is that the staff from Germany went with them. So it’s not surprising that the restaurant business has been working like a well-oiled machine from the start. Of course, guests can feel that in how friendly they are served, in the promptness and attention of the waiters and, above all, in the taste of the dishes that the kitchen crew conjures onto the plates. What comes out of the kitchen here is solid and characterised by the skills of Italian chefs:

    The pasta is al dente, the meat perfectly roasted and garnished, the fish is as fresh as if it had just jumped from the sea into the pan. What stands out in particular are the pizzas in the “Sapore di Mare”: The taste is uncontested, the crispy crust made of light yeast dough and the juicy but NOT soggy pizza base are dream like.

    One always likes to ask “where” the name of a restaurant comes from, what origin and roots it might have. When Salvatore Nicotra was asked that, his eyes started sparkling and he immediately answered, “´Sapore di Mare´ is the taste of the sea”. But it’s not only a taste in his restaurant. With more than 50 years of experience in the restaurant business, it’s more like a task, if not an attitude towards life, to make guests feel welcome and that they are served from the heart – like at mum’s home in Sicily.

    Salvatore, however, is no longer fully involved in the active restaurant business. He says he wants to prepare for retirement. That’s why his son Fiorello Nicotra already manages the business. But the senior “boss” is still everywhere, always. And he does it well: He organises the restaurant’s workflows, the guests, and also the staff. A small eye or hand movement is often enough, and the team knows exactly what the boss means. This is how you organise a smooth workflow in a well-coordinated family business. And someone takes the time to welcome the guests and also chat with them now and then.

    The very good impression we got is also reflected in the numerous online reviews: one of the best “Italian cuisine” places on the island, very friendly and attentive waiters.

    You notice that the restaurant is based on a family bond, and you simply feel comfortable. All of the dishes are being praised for their freshness, taste and preparation. The diversity of Mediterranean cuisine is often mentioned, and, of course, that fresh fish and tender steaks are also offered. The prices are well adjusted to the dishes, and the beverages are also in the usual price range.


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