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    Dua Bapa

    Tourist strongholds like Maspalomas are also culinary strongholds! Guests from all over the world also demand specialities from all over the world.


    Since almost two years ago, you can find the Indonesian restaurant “Dua Bapa” in the Cita shopping centre in Playa del Inglés. Here, far away from the “all you can eat” meals in buckets at buffets, Indonesian specialities are prepared fresh and creatively.

    We order the big “Rijstafel”, the rice banquet, and are overwhelmed by the abundant array of food we are served here: a total of 12 dishes and 8 side dishes. In this restaurant, they aren’t served in the usual way, piled on a plate, but in the traditional Indonesian style of a Rijstafel: Many different delicacies in numerous small bowels invite you to try them all. A bite from here, and a bite from there, and you slide through an ocean of spices and flavour explosions. A big Rijstafel is also visually delightful. The different preparations and Indonesian sauces in the white bowls glow in delicious colours.

    The fact that we were a bit overwhelmed in the beginning was also noticed by the owner, Ron Wissel, who explained the many individual dishes to us: white rice, Nasi Kuning (coconut rice with curcuma and lemongrass), noodles, Sayur beans (in coconut sauce), Gambas (shrimps), omelette with soybean sprouts, spicy egg, Sayur Lodeh (vegetables in coconut sauce), Rendang (spicy beef or lamb goulash), Rempah (meatballs), Satays (pork and chicken skewers with peanut sauce), potatoes that are sweet at first but quickly turn spicy in your mouth, chilli in three different levels of spiciness, along with Serondeng (a mixture of coconut and peanut sauce) to soften the spiciness, Roedjak (baked banana) with Sambal (chilli sauce), fruits in sauces... a real spectacle for the taste buds.

    Indonesian cuisine is characterised by its lightness: hardly any fat, lean meat from chicken, beef or pork, and also some seafood. Apart from the extra spicy hot peppers, the action for the taste buds stems from the art of creating the right sauces to the dishes. This is where coconut milk, soy sauce and many spices from Asia are used. From sweet to sour to spicy, you can find everything at “Dua Bapa”.

    Ron Wissel de Boo is the boss at “Dua Bapa” (its name means “two fathers”). He is of Dutch and Indonesian descent and has been interested in cooking since childhood, when he used to look over the shoulders of his grandmother and mother while being a hardworking little helper in the kitchen. That’s also how he internalised the traditional Indonesian dishes that basically became second nature to him. And at his “Dua Bapa” it also tastes like at mum’s house.

    Online reviews for “Dua Bapa” are full of praise for the dishes offered and for the service. Quality, richness and taste, as well as the friendly and fast service are highly praised – which we were able to experience ourselves and can only confirm. And it’s probably also worth mentioning that “Dua Bapa” isn’t just a boss and employee situation, but that other family members also work there and put their heart into the well-being of the guests.

    A few reviews note that the prices are slightly higher than in other restaurants, which might attract your attention at first when you only read the menu. The big rice banquet we ordered, came to € 23.50 per person. But once you see the enormous amount of food on the table and realise that there are twenty individual dishes, and not just one scoop of goulash with a handful of noodles, then it qualifies as excellent value for money. However, this big banquet really is something for very hungry people, and even the smaller dishes on the menu – consisting of 8 dishes and 8 side dishes for a price of 17.50 – are more than sufficient.

    Satisfied guests lead to excellent word-of-mouth recommendations, which leads to a run on the restaurant: Booking a table is highly recommended! Of course, on weekdays during slower hours, a table might be free. But especially on weekends or during peak season, a table at “Dua Bapa” is highly sought-after. Dropping in spontaneously is possible, booking a table is the safe choice. The restaurant also offers a special service: If you can’t get a table and don’t want to wait for the next free table, you can wait in the bar next door instead. Once a table at “Dua Bapa” is free, you will be picked up.

    “Rijstafel” is a Dutch term for a festive banquet or feast, which wasn’t originally known in Indonesia. It was introduced during the Dutch colonial rule in the country and happily carried on by the Indonesians. You sit together at a long table, and little by little, you enjoy plenty of rice with numerous small bowls lined up, filled with meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruit, seafood, and an array of spicy and sweet-sour sauces and pastes.

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