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    Discover... Arguineguín

    If you are looking for a traditional fishing village in the south of Gran Canaria Arguineguín is maybe the best place to find the right structures.

     Arguineguín is maybe the best place to find the right structures. Located between Maspalomas and Mogán, the area belongs to the municipality of Mogán and has approximately 2,500 registered inhabitant. But due to the numerous tourists, the place seems to be much bigger. The most famous “sons of the city” are probably the Spanish football players Aythami Artiles, Juan Carlos Valerón and David Silva.

    The name of the village was first documented in 1492 and had the meaning “still water” for the indigenous population, the Guanches. The village is situated on the south coast, well protected from the winds from the north-east, and clouds are rather an exception. The climate recordings show more than 300 sunny days a year.

    The south coast of the island is particularly interesting for excursion boats and deep-sea fishing enthusiasts.

    The `silent water` is also attributed to the location of the port. Fishing in Arguineguín is still very intense today. The fishing boats are sheltered on a peninsula. And also the yachts have their berths in this harbor. In the many hangars at the docks, the fish that the fishermen caught with their boats the night before, are processed daily. Every morning - except Sundays - the catch is auctioned at the fish market. From here the deep-sea fishermen also start their tours out into the Atlantic to make the big catch. Very popular and practical are the “boats” which regularly sail to Anfi del Mar, Puerto Rico and Puerto de Mogán.

    The place is also very popular with other sportsmen because here all possible kinds of water sports and fun are offered. For divers, there are interesting reefs and also a sunken boat to explore. At the peninsula El Pajar, you can find a very popular spot for surfers with one of the best waves in the south of the island. The 2.5 km long promenade that leads from Arguineguín via Patalavaca to Anfi del Mar is very attractive for walkers.

    The road “GC 500” divides Arguineguín in some way. On the mountain side, there are housing estates and bungalows. Towards the beach, the fishing village lives up to its name, with many small streets and alleys that have grown over the decades. Everywhere you can find shops for everyday life. Especially attractive is the beach promenade with its many pubs, cafés, and restaurants with delicious fish dishes.

    A Norwegian enclave

    The village is meanwhile also extremely lively in other respects, and in recent decades it has developed into a popular travel and excursion destination for long-term holidaymakers and tourists from the adjoining hotel complexes. The place is especially popular with Norwegians. In the winter, it is here that the largest concentration occurs on the Canary Islands. There is even a small Norwegian church at the promenade in the best location.

    Arguineguín is in transition

    Arguineguín is so to speak the pearl at the south coast. This is also noticeable by the fact that the land prices here are among the highest on the island and where, after the economic crisis, things are still a little quiet elsewhere in the construction sector - despite real estate and rental prices that have been rising for years - in Arguineguín, there are several larger construction projects in the making. At the moment, public money also flows into a big new parking garage in the town center. Especially on Tuesdays, when the biggest weekly market on the island takes place, the traffic here is bursting at the seams and the search for a parking space turns into a lottery. At the same time, they are also working on the beautification of the popular promenade. The seawater swimming pool La Lajilla, which is especially popular with families with children, has just been modernized with sand, wooden terraces, showers, etc. and two more new swimming pools are to follow.

    The most striking object that lets you recognize Arguineguín already from afar is the big cement factory in the adjacent El Pajar, which belongs to the adjacent municipality San Bartolomé de Tirajana. At the time of the Spanish construction boom, it was a real gold mine, but at the moment it is not used to capacity and it is not believed that the construction industry will ever be as active again as it was before 2008.

    For some time now, the touristic operating companies have been looking at the attractive peninsula with its 2 beaches and its attractive location. The existing industrial harbor could easily be converted into a marina. A tourist oasis with beaches, apartments, hotels, restaurants, and pubs could be built here. The license for the cement plant expires in 2022  and the operators would like to extend it. However, landowners and politicians are now looking for a deal to dismantle the cement factory or move it to an alternative location, even earlier….

    The licenses for the then-upcoming major project also require approval from the authorities and politicians. Also, the estimated 400 to 500 (or more) million Euro investment sum for the new tourist hot spot has yet to be raised. But the start has already been made. Right next to the factory, the Manchester City player David Silva from Arguineguín, is now financing, together with the Mogán hotel group Cordial and the property owners. The first 24 million euros for the construction of a new settlement with a total of 87 luxury bungalows, which will then be supplemented with a modern Chill out Beach Club.


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