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    Maxxsys Informatica

    IT competence for more than 20 years

    Maxxsys is more than just computers. There is much more history behind the company.

    Once upon a time 30 years ago, there was a trained IT specialist who had ended up in Gran Canaria. The infrastructure at that time was in no way comparable with today’s infrastructure. This IT specialist is Mike Kohn and he wanted to put together a computer with components for his needs. No chance! There were almost no branded goods that even slightly corresponded to his wishes. Even in Las Palmas there was only shrugging shoulders when the computer scientist had been looking for branded graphics cards or high-quality motherboards.

    The expert in the south

    Mike Kohn tells us it was a “wasteland in the computer science sector”. He then began to have the necessary equipment and parts shipped to him from Germany. However, this did not remain a secret for long and many residents and long-term vacationers finally had a contact person for their PC wishes, problems and the emerging questions about the Internet. The business started very fast and Mike settled successfully with “MAXXSYS” in the CC Eurocenter. For 20 years he was “the” contact point for all IT questions and problems.

    Change of strategy

    In the meantime, however, the fast-moving PC market has changed completely and the large chains in particular supply the island with the full range of products. Nevertheless, Mike Kohn’s business continues to be successful as he offers the appropriate service locally. Further pillars of his business are the fact that he responds individually to special customer wishes, e.g. by equipping the computers with operating systems in the desired language and adapting the keyboards accordingly. The difference in price is also often so small that a trip to large markets is not really worthwhile, with some products he is even sometimes cheaper.


    The change of location made it possible to lower prices

    Mike Kohn has been at the new location in Urb. Las Llaves for just over a year now. The move, he tells us, had become necessary for cost reasons. Lease and utilities had eaten up the proceeds more and more. He is now able to keep his prices more competitive and especially in the service area it is now possible for him to offer many services a lot cheaper. The advantage is also that the new office is much larger, and Mike was able to expand the range of services. In addition, parking is now easy, free of charge and directly in front of the store.

    Mike speaks English

    In addition to the typical components for PCs, there is also a wide range of accessories such as keyboards, mice, USB memory and SD memory cards, all types of cables and adapters. Of course, there are also devices such as PCs, laptops and tablets and even a large selection of smartphones with extra-large keys and displays, even with rates from different providers. These offers are very popular with older customers. He also has a small selection of SAT and TDT/DVB receivers for residents.

    Mike Kohn also equips companies and businesses with IT networks. It doesn’t matter whether you are a major customer or a walk-in customer. As a general rule, if something is needed that is out of stock, it can be procured within 24 hours.

    You can find information on Maxxsys Informatica here on Canarias Local.