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    HNE Bienhogar S.L

    HNE BIENHOGAR S.L. Was founded by Franz Hetzmannseder, a graduate locksmith with a certificate of master and technical know-how in welding all types of metal.

    Maria del Carmen Rodríguez De Castro

    Lawyers Rodríguez De Castro

    San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Canarias View details
    ABC Playschool

    A new way of education is possible!

    San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Canarias View details
    Krips Real Estate

    Real estate service in the heart of Playa del Inglés, specialising in both property purchases and renting.

    Maspalomas, Canarias View details
    Gasthaus Atlantis

    German restaurant offering a range of foods and drinks. Including vegan options.

    Dua Bapa

    The Indonesian cuisine is very diverse and also offers many regional differences and special features.

    Maspalomas, Canarias View details
    Aloe Info Center

    Aloe Info Center - ...simply obtain information!

    Maspalomas, Canarias View details
    Watersports Luis Molina

    The biggest water sports centre on the island


    Latest articles

    The aloe vera medical plant, as it is planted here in the Canary archipelago, is one of the purest, most powerful and best in the world. Everywhere in Gran Canaria in many shops, weekly markets and supermarkets you will find a large variety of aloe vera products. All at various quality and price levels. 


    The interesting thing with hotel restaurants is: you do not really know they exist. And there are quite a few to discover. Under the slogan Tamarindos by night we've found a great atmosphere in the Hotel Meliá Tamarindos in San Agustin.


    Permanent Make Up is applied in the uppermost skin layer called epidermis. The pigmentist usually works with an automatic device that works like a tattoo machine, but this device is not that aggressive. Microblading the eyebrows can also be done by hand. The small color particles are about 0.8 to 1.4 milimeters under the skin, which is far from being as deep as a real tattoo. Therefore, permanent make-up also "only" has an average lifespan of two to five years.


    Cafe Europa has become a very well known coffee bar in the south during the recent years. It captivates you with its fresh but down to earth charm and its team of four around owner Marcel, who make every customer feel as if they were on holiday.


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