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Breakfast, homemade cakes, freshly prepared daily specials.

Would you like a good breakfast or a small snack after a walk on the beach, or maybe a refreshing cocktail? Then the bistro-café Me Gusta is the right place for you. The dishes are arranged with love and the decor is very well maintained.

Located right next to the Banco Santander in the Shopping Centre of San Agustín Marko and his team are looking forward to pampering their clients.




The kitchen

* Breakfast, omelets according to your wishes e.g. B with salmon, cheese, ham or

Male omelet with 5 eggs and roast beef.

* Bagels and Bagatinis Trisinis vegetal topped according to your wishes. Baguette or protein bread canapés e.g. Bagatinis with beef salad or salmon. Sweet breakfast with homemade jam

* Fresh pressed orange juice.

* Lunch, home-made roast beef with tartar recipe, fried potatoes, salad with lemon oranges - mustard dressing.

* Pasta or potato salad with Viennese sausage, German bockwurst or currywurst with homemade sauce.

* German Leberkäse with fried potatoes and salad.

* German Schnitzel from pork fillet with fried potatoes with salad and homemade dressing.

* Farmer's salad with feta cheese and fresh baguette with homemade herb butter.

* Freshly baked cakes with.

* Freshly baked waffles or crepes with hot cherries, cream and ice cream.

* Delicious Italian café specialties.

* Homemade eggnog and various jams, raspberry & red wine, mango & chilli, orange, ginger & cointreau and apricot jam with Aperol.

* Freshly baked healthy protein bread without flour.


All dishes are also sold outside the home.


Are you planning a celebration or a birthday for up to 24 people? The team will be happy to help you

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s/n Calle las Dalias, CC San Agustín, 3ª planta, Maspalomas 35100, Canarias, Las Palmas, Spain
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