Dream Nails & More

Beauty is fun and puts you in a good mood! What does that mean? Just visit Berit Rohr in her salon “Dream Nails” at CC San Agustin. Berit offers manicure and pedicure in a remarkably friendly and personal atmosphere.

Entertainment for your self-esteem

Beauty comes from within, from the emotional state and from self-esteem. Berit is the expert for strengthening this attitude towards one’s own beauty. When asked about her job title, she says nail designer and chiropodist. That’s not quite true, she’s actually a “spa entertainer”! Especially with her chronically good mood, she conveys a positive Gran Canarian lifestyle to her customers in addition to her applications.

Gel nails are the new trend

Beautiful nails are very important to the customers, they attach importance to form, shine, color and also to art on the nails. All this is possible with “Dream Nails” and also affordable. Asked about the trends, the answer comes quickly: “Trend is what pleases”.  This spectrum is of course very large, especially for female customers. Nevertheless, she then gives us a current “tip”: instead of the nails that were often glued on in the past, demand today is clearly moving in the direction of gel nails, whether in a discreet “natural” look or with creative designs. In technical jargon, this is also called nail modelling.


With the feet, it often gets to the point twice. 

The second pillar is the pedicure. Here, too, the nails are gladly whipped into shape. In addition to the nail design, the often maltreated and distant body parts are of course also intensively cared for. “About 40% of the customers are male currently”, Berit tells us.



From home visit to her own shop

Let’s put it this way: In contrast to many idealists who come to the island and immediately want to make their great fortune and the deal of their life with a nail studio here, Berit already had this idea 15 years ago. At first, she only did house visits. It was often tedious to visit the customers in the hotels and facilities or at home and to take care of their feet there or to beautify their fingernails. In the beginning, she had provided the whole south with mobile care on her own. Over the years she built up a solid, loyal and satisfied customer base. And this is certainly not only due to her skills and reliable clean work but also to her relaxed and likeable manner.


Own massage department

One more thing needs to be mentioned: The massage service that Berit also offers. Specialist Pablo is available for this, who uses his “kneading hands” in the separate massage practice one floor up in CC San Agustin. He is meanwhile also firmly established in his field here on the island. The offer reaches from the usual full body massage and back massage to foot zone reflexology, Thai massage, and Reiki.


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