20 years of experience

1000s of removals from A to Z ...have been handled by PHOENIX TRANS INTERNACIONAL over the past 20 years. In successfully doing so, the company relies primarily on their „Down-to-earthiness“ and professional and linguistic competence.

Which is well received by the client.  Also trust, reliability and punctuality are very important factors when it comes to the part where the clients have to leave their personal / business belongings in the hands of trustworthy employees for a removal service or to have it stored for an unknown period of time in the storage unit in Arinaga. Another regular request is, to store furniture and other goods for the time of refurbishment of a client's House/Apartment or even complete Hotels.


„Since the foundation of our company, our clients can find us in our office in San Fernando in the Avenida Gáldar. This is from where we run all our operations, our storage unit in Arinaga and our own fleet of removal vans. Over the years, our company has become one of the best-known Logistics company on the Island. And with the years of cooperation with our international partners, we can offer Transports around the globe.“


PHOENIX TRANS INTERNACIONAL provides each client with a customized quote for their removal or transport and advises on the necessary documentation for shipments and/or car registrations. Since the Canary Islands form an EU Special Economics Zone – and therefore have special regulations – which, in the case of the transport of goods, differs from the normal regulations. Like transports from and to Spain, documents must be declared beforehand to ensure a seamless and smooth process of the im- or export from and to the Canary Islands.



Take an Import, or Export, of a car or a motorcycle; each documentation belonging to the vehicle will be inspected to its smallest detail. Whether it is new accessories, changes or modifications that have been made prior to the import or export, all those have to be officially approved.  A vehicle has to be registered in a certain amount of time, once entered a new country, to avoid unnecessary „multas“-ie. fines. Besides the transportation of a vehicle, to save the client time and hassle, PHOENIX TRANS INTERNACIONAL also offers the handlings of those procedures.


The procedures are performed in German, Spanish, English, French and/or Italian. The company also has the strategic advantage of a detailed know-how in the European countries. Over the years, PHOENIX TRANS INTERNACIONAL has established a partnership with the recycling plant at Salto del Negro in Juan Grande, Tenerife and Lanzarote due to the need for spare parts from all over the world.


Apart from the weekly departures of full containers, PHOENIX TRANS INTERNACIONAL regularly ships collection containers (LCL – less than container load) to Europe or worldwide. This means, that even smaller loads can be shipped if it is not enough for an entire container. For certain goods (e.g. fragile ones) special measures (e.g. the construction of a wooden box) are taken for protection and safety.



In addition to sea freight, air freight is also a popular option. For example, at the Atlantic Rallye for Cruisers (ARC), one of the largest sailing regattas in the world, where more than 200 boats start regularly in November from Las Palmas to the Caribbean, there is always something special needed. Special parts must then be delivered in the shortest possible time by air freight, brought through customs and then often sent straight on to the next destinations. A challenge that requires competence, quick response times and flexibility.



Another essential branch of the company are the local removals and transports on and between the islands. Here too, good preparation is important, as each move is individually calculated and planned down to the smallest detail.



As a small final word:

After Nicole Wessel, owner of PHOENIX TRANS INTERNACIONAL, moved from Germany to the Canary Islands at the end of the 1990s, she worked in a transport company for a good two years before setting up her own business. Now Nicole and her team will celebrate the 20th anniversary of PHOENIX TRANS INTERNACIONAL.

More info: http://www.canariaslocal.com/index.php/en/137-phoenix-trans-internacional